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This site is designed to help anyone who is looking for current and authoritative information about pardons in every state. It includes easy to understand information about everything from how to apply for a pardon, to who is eligible for a pardon, to statistics about number of pardons granted, to the laws that govern pardons and the legal benefits of pardons.

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absolution, absolve, acquit, acquittal, amnesty, clear, clemency, compurgation, condonation, condone, discharge, dispensation, emancipation, exception, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, exoneration, expunge, extenuate, forgive, free, grace, grace period, jurisprudence, impunity, indulgence, law, let off, liberate, liberation, longanimity, mercy, mercifulness, overlook, palliate, purge, quit, release, remission, remit, reprieve, respite, vindicate